There is a taste to quality, when introduced to it at a young age, it is remembered. Perhaps it was the rich scent or the depth of flavour but the knowledge of quality chocolate was imprinted on Laurie Thompson as a girl. Education and experience with complementary pairings enhanced Laurie’s appreciation for excellence. 

Chelsea Chocolates beckoned to be found. With respect for the original founders of the company, Laurie’s journey continued with a steadfast devotion to the craft.   Now as a proud small business owner working locally, Laurie is committed to creating a unique product line using the best raw ingredients, including the finest Callebaut chocolate.

Respect is visible in every step of the process; from the high-quality molds, handcrafting techniques and finishing details, following the traditions of the best Chocolatiers.
Honouring the gifts of field and forest, Chelsea Chocolates works with local producers of maple syrup, honey and garlic creating unique chocolate flavours. As a family owned, family run and local business, we believe in working together respectfully. Buttercreams are traditional, ours are exceptional!

Seasonal and novelty chocolates are 
favourites, we create an astonishing array throughout the year.
Adult tastes for discriminating palates are delightfully crafted in collaboration with VQA wine producers, mead, cider and Forty Creek Whisky. Our truffles created with gourmet olive oils and balsamic 
vinegars are outstanding.

We do caramel too, by the jar and in our turtles. They simply must be tried.
For those seeking a sugar-free alternative, we accommodate you with bars, clusters filled with almonds or cashews.
We shine at creating corporate gifts; we help you to shine on your wedding day as custom orders are a specialty at Chelsea Chocolates.

It’s all about respect. Quality Classics, Contemporary Pairings; at Chelsea Chocolates our tagline is not merely our motto but represents true integrity in our process and devotion to the craft, it is our standard of commitment to our customers.

Chelsea Chocolates ~ Quality Classics, Contemporary Pairings